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City Girls - JT First Day Out (Explicit)

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?[id:$00000000] [ar:City Girls] [ti:JT First Day Out] [by:] [hash:124d04d09f3e2189d0908c84ed5ba74c] [al:] [sign:] [qq:] [total:187715] [offset:0] [00:00.11]City Girls - JT First Day Out [00:06.05]Jt: [00:20.30]When I was countin' down [00:21.30]These b**ches counted me out [00:22.52]Now I'm back [00:23.07]I got 'em shocked [00:23.80]These b**ches droppin' they mouth [00:25.13]Lil' runaway [00:25.76]My friend mama helped me out [00:27.41]I don't give a f**k about no bed [00:28.91]I'll sleep on the couch [00:29.87]Now I'm up [00:30.88]But I can write a book [00:31.92]About the rainy days [00:33.17]I don't gotta throw shade to get a fanbase [00:35.82]I been a real bi**h way [00:36.96]Before the fed case [00:38.18]Yung miami held me down [00:39.63]That's a b**ch ace [00:40.81]And if a b**ch try her [00:42.17]It's a cold case [00:43.37]Get yo' ass snatched up [00:44.64]Like my new waist [00:45.73]Pulled in and out of [00:46.92]Prison like a drive-thru [00:48.56]Audemars waiting' on me [00:49.69]Cause the time flew [00:50.73]I went from boots to khakis [00:51.96]To louis tennis shoes [00:53.40]Sendin' press to my people [00:54.64]Sittin' in the shoe [00:56.08]The blogs they made me mad [00:57.13]They made me motivated [00:58.36]Yeah I left the chain gang [00:59.84]B**ch I graduated [01:01.03]Been the most important b**ch [01:02.30]Yeah I'm celebrated [01:03.51]Lil' baldhead b**ch [01:04.80]Still the most hated [01:06.43]B**ch I'm right on time [01:07.25]For the season change [01:08.57]Y'all h**s real salty b**ch [01:10.07]It's seasons change [01:11.08]Might make my side n**ga cop me a range [01:13.49]And put it up for my b**ch [01:14.76]She got the best brain [01:15.94]Pull up by myself [01:16.85]Miss pearly don't need no army b**ch [01:18.44]I ain't got no love for these n**gas [01:20.08]I ain't ronnie b**ch [01:21.03]Embarrass a b**ch on stage [01:22.30]I'm on some maury s**t [01:23.53]Any b**ch in my way [01:24.76]You gon' be sorry b**ch [01:26.22]I wish I would let one of [01:27.44]You h**s try me [01:28.22]I'll be back in khakis [01:29.46]Blue shoes walking' through r&d [01:30.92]How y'all gon' end city girls [01:32.33]When y'all ain't half of me [01:33.51]Don't play with yung miami hoe [01:34.57]That's the other half of me [01:36.39]Had the whole world waiting' on me [01:38.03]Like I'm a virgin [01:38.93]So it's time to pop this cherry [01:40.25]Get this pussy workin' [01:41.44]New rolls royce [01:42.45]In the back it was a birkin [01:43.98]Now that city girls s**t b**ch [01:45.48]That's for certain [01:46.61]This was my first day out [01:47.71]I ain't wait a day [01:48.85]Ate that time up like it's cake [01:50.31]Jt anna mae [01:51.21]Two bad b**ches [01:52.40]And they kissin' in the wraith [01:53.44]Kissin'- kissin' in the wraith [01:54.63]Kissin'- kissin' in the wraith [01:56.39]Went in the same day drake dropped [01:58.17]In my feelings [01:58.85]I was in prison on my bunk [02:00.35]Really in my feelings [02:01.53]Now I'm back to the millions [02:02.93]B**ches in they feelings [02:03.98]I was in grays playing spades [02:05.39]Miami making children [02:06.62]But we ain't killin' blessings [02:07.72]Just to please the public [02:08.94]So when y'all say [02:09.58]City girls over [02:10.08]Just change the subject [02:11.98]Y'all h**s always bringing up old s**t [02:14.54]Go get a sugar daddy [02:15.40]Suck a old dick [02:17.26]B**ches get exposed everyday [02:19.15]But I'm from dade [02:20.15]I'ma do it anyway [02:21.97]If I wasn't who I was [02:23.06]They wouldn't f**k with me [02:24.30]But I am who I am [02:25.53]And y'all can't f**k with me [02:26.85]Went platinum on my bunk [02:27.90]Sis can't come for me [02:29.35]Like a ten-minute move [02:30.59]You better run for me [02:32.41]I did my time like a g [02:34.27]Man motherf**k the b-o-p [02:36.77]Man motherf**k l-p [02:39.42]I keep some fours [02:40.16]That'll match your I.d [02:42.23]Y'all h**s want smoke [02:43.36]Bring a match [02:44.68]Left prison with a pimple not a scratch [02:47.18]Point blank period [02:48.14]Won't see me back [02:49.59]Unless I'm pullin' up just to see max [02:52.02]Oh and one more thing before I go [02:54.46]How y'all gon say a made b**ch [02:55.64]Was pregnant from a c.o. [02:57.19]I don't f**k with cops or blockers [02:58.56]You b**ches slow [02:59.56]Stop with all the rumors [03:00.57]And tell your nigga I'm home [03:01.84]And it's on [03:02.76]Period [03:03.48]Yung miami: [03:03.88]You b**ches could never




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