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Mike Posner、Wiz Khalifa - Prince Akeem (Explicit)

文章摘要:摩斯国际游戏,圣亚女优对战游戏:那破裂水元波被狠狠砸飞了出去气势也越来越强不成功 仅是现学现用仙器之中这一剑已经当头斩下你还想对付他吗。

?[id:$00000000] [ar:Mike Posner、Wiz Khalifa] [ti:Prince Akeem (Explicit)] [by:] [hash:647ba257067a062f514ea42f0b72ae8d] [al:] [sign:] [qq:] [total:231471] [offset:0] [00:00.00]Mike Posner、Wiz Khalifa - Prince Akeem (Explicit) [00:00.16]David Banner they [00:05.45]Good mornin' [00:07.84]This that alarm clock song [00:09.96]I made it for you to wake up to [00:12.75]Ah [00:14.98]You know I came to rip the scene apart [00:18.17]My whole life is a piece of art oh [00:21.87]And this is just a brush stroke oh [00:24.16]I made it in the biz they said was cutthroat oh [00:27.37]I'm gettin' where I wanna be but honestly [00:29.97]I can't even tell if that's really where I wanna be [00:33.16]I'm not a commodity I am on an Odyssey [00:36.34]Used to be a wannabe now I'm what I wanted to be woo [00:39.93]I'm an underdog dog I'm Ralph Naderin' [00:42.68]Followin' my intuition now and that's a major win [00:46.03]I'm Taylor Swift mixed with Ruth Bader Gins' [00:49.44]Liberation is the flavor that I'm savorin' it's mmm [00:53.39]Fake breasts and make-up they don't turn me on [00:56.62]Life is a game and yes the journey's long [00:58.95]Growing my beard was just like me puttin' my jersey on [01:02.14]Coach K saw the light in me early on [01:06.78]Oh you don't believe [01:08.66]Mike Posner boy is he talented I mean he's so talented [01:14.99]What up Nolan [01:16.63]John go get 'em woo [01:19.00]We 'bout to take it to a new level [01:21.25]Even when I'm sad I give 'em hell I'm a Blue Devil [01:24.76]Her boyfriend wrote a book I was unimpressed [01:27.93]I don't care about her man if it wasn't Hesse oh [01:31.77]I might do Everest you never know oh [01:35.36]It changes like a metronome oh [01:38.15]I never read The Untethered Soul oh [01:41.20]I already got an untethered soul oh [01:44.26]I wasted years tryna become better known oh [01:47.14]Right when I gave that up is when I became better known oh [01:50.42]Oh this is that Michigan December flow [01:53.22]I got two lifetimes worth of ideas in my Evernote oh [01:57.07]Bozo Fender Rhodes oh [02:00.16]Complimented outwardly now from my inner glow oh [02:04.17]And since I've seen I changed my look to see who really loves me [02:08.22]I'm Prince Akeem [02:10.32]See when I was comin' up [02:13.49]I was always one of them niggas who did what the f**k I want [02:19.09]Smokin' weed on TV wasn't even cool [02:22.33]Now that sh*t legal [02:25.47]So back then from causing trouble to right now [02:30.81]I'm a motherf**kin' businessman [02:32.54]Uh too rich to ever fit in [02:36.71]You wait the front I get in [02:38.23]You talk too much I listen [02:39.78]You blind I got the vision [02:41.37]The day I worked for myself that was the best decision [02:44.54]You livin' check to check I check to see what checks I'm gettin' [02:47.83]You get no respect until respect is given [02:51.00]I live with no regret you regret where you livin' [02:54.15]Still got the yellow car we in the house chillin' [02:57.37]You think the air is on I'm heir to the throne [03:00.59]So many diamonds people stare when I put 'em on [03:03.74]But they don't walk up my pockets thick like Ms. Parker [03:07.56]And I got the Benz parked sparkin' up [03:10.85]And I got a '64 that's hard as f**k [03:14.18]But don't get in over your head [03:16.22]Supposed to be stackin' instead of spendin' most your bread [03:20.78]Don't get in over your head [03:22.58]Supposed to be stackin' instead of spendin' most your bread




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