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John Mayer - Carry Me Away


?[id:$00000000] [ar:John Mayer ] [ti:Carry Me Away] [by:] [hash:49008edc62b30baf35418556e6240b24] [al:] [sign:] [qq:] [total:157022] [offset:0] [00:00.34]John Mayer - Carry Me Away [00:01.29]Written by:John Mayer [00:02.05]Composed by:John Mayer [00:09.09]I'm such a bore I'm such a bummer [00:12.99]There must be more behind the summer [00:16.92]I want someone to make some trouble [00:20.92]Been way too safe inside my bubble oh [00:25.67]Take me out and keep me up all night [00:31.32]Let me live on the wilder side of life [00:39.26]Carry me away [00:43.20]Carry me away [00:46.50]Carry me away [00:55.51]Carry me away [00:59.50]Carry me away [01:02.54]Carry me away [01:21.16]You carnivore you loose cannon [01:25.06]Can I have some more I can't understand it [01:28.96]You fast car you foolish spender [01:33.00]You know you are and I surrender [01:37.05]Some come on over and wake me up [01:40.99]Put some of your tequila in my coffee cup [01:44.98]You know I need you and that's for sure [01:48.98]You're just the kinda crazy I been looking for [01:51.91]Carry me away [01:55.31]Carry me away [01:58.53]Carry me away [02:04.26]Where the sun hits my face all different [02:07.44]Carry me away [02:11.23]Carry me away [02:14.57]Carry me away




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